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Noble County Highway Department

1118 E. Main Street

Albion, IN  46701

Telephone: (260) 636-2124

Fax: (260) 636-2542



Hours Open: We are open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Need a map of Noble County?

For construction work areas go to the Construction Zone link. Updates will be done on Friday afternoons. We hope this will allow you to miss construction and make your travels a little easier.


County Engineer: Zach Smith
Road Superintendent: Mark Goodrich
Bookkeeper: Marc Fisher
Secretary: Charisse Wolf
Drainage Foreman: John Strange
Sign Foreman: Wayne Baker
Equipment Operators: Paul Leazier
  Ron Poyser
  Andy Steffey
Truck Drivers: Tom Collins
  Tony Geary
  Mark Herendeen
  Ed Huelsenbeck
  Jerry Jones
  Tony Kirkpatrick
  Mike Marks
  Mark Mawhorter
  Todd Owen
  Richard Rogers
  Ray Skidgel
  Phil Weeks
Shop Supervisor: Doug Hoover
Mechanics: Kyle Jeffries
  Andy Price
Parts Person: Kevin Earnhart

All State and Federal highways are under INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) control.

Indiana LTAP (Local Technical Assistance Program) is a resource for transportation information around the state.

Noble County Highway Department has participated in the Chain O' Lakes Correctional Facility work program for many years. We have on average a crew of 12 members that help pick up trash along the roads, weed eating around bridges, painting Railroad crossings, cutting brush, crack sealing, hand patching, and general maintenance around the highway department.
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